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Consider Becoming a Lawyer

In this YouTube video, Aicha Tohry helps break down things to consider before deciding to become a lawyer. Law school can be expensive. Sometimes the salary won’t line up with typical expectations.

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If a person wants to become a lawyer, they need to ask themselves why. If the “why” is meaningful enough, it can carry the individual through difficult times both in school and during their career. It also may help guide the individual in choosing which area of law to study.

The lifestyle of a lawyer isn’t always as it’s portrayed on TV. Where the lawyer works helps determine the lawyer’s lifestyle. Lawyers do a significant amount of reading and writing.

Some lawyers do not go to court. Lawyers who don’t litigate still protect their clients, but they don’t have to deal with as much conflict. Contract lawyers, for example, spend a lot of time drafting emails, sitting, and doing significant amounts of research.

Although individuals differ, lawyers tend to have common personality traits: having an analytical mind, being shy, and aligning their studies and practices around how much conflict they may or may not prefer.

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