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What Does a Probate Lawyer Do?

When a loved one passes away, the probate lawyer is there to assist the ones left behind in making sure that the deceased’s items, assets, and debts are taken care of according to state law and the person’s final known wish.

Probate lawyers are also called estate attorneys. A lot of confusion can happen after a loved one passes. The attorney ensures that procedures are followed in a fair and non-emotional manner. Having the attorney deal with these issues can be extremely helpful when emotions are high and there is a dispute amongst the remaining relatives.

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A probate lawyer protects the estate from paying money they shouldn’t be paying for illegitimate claims or bills presented. Having the lawyer handle this makes dealing with creditors easier. If a debt needs to be paid, then the probate lawyer can try to negotiate the payment.

The probate lawyer is essential for working with life insurance policies, distributing assets, and smoothing out the deceased’s affairs. It relieves those left behind of potential conflict and confusing stress during a difficult time.

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