Fatalities Decline, But Collisions are on the Rise

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The number of fatal car accidents in this country continues to stay low compared to previous decades, despite hoards of younger drivers on the road and their propensity for talking on the phone and texting at the wheel. There are more cars sharing the roads than ever before, and those numbers continue growing, as do the number of actual collisions they endure. The number of deaths resulting from collisions, however, has stayed on a decline thanks to continuing technological advances in the safety of passenger cars. Still, vehicular accidents are still the most frequent cause of death for people between the ages of three and thirty-four.
Alcohol remains the biggest recurring factor in fatal car accidents. Drunk driving often inspires speeding which, in turn, cuts on the time you have to react to changes in the roadway. Intoxication only makes this worse. Despite ongoing public safety awareness campaigns and increasingly stiff penalties, driving while intoxicated is still the most often cited cause of fatal car accidents.
Behind drunk driving, the second biggest culprit in car accident deaths is distractions. Phones are the cause most often, whether the driver is talking, texting, or even using an app/checking mail. Another frequent cause (not to mention an illegal activity) is driving under the influence of marijuana, which slows reaction times despite what users may tell you.
Bad car accidents that become deadly car accidents may be on a decreasing slope, but auto accidents (and the need for an auto accidents attorney) on the whole are rising. Population increases, traffic congestion and a prevailing short tempered attitude keep our roads dangerous. It’s as if drivers fall into a lull of false confidence, like they’re playing a video game. The reality is no game, however, when you get slapped with a wrongful death suit. Buckle up and drive carefully… and have the name and number for a good auto accidents lawyer on hand at all times. Get more on this here.

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