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Having Trouble Settling a Legal Matter? Hire a Lawyer for His Mediation Services

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Are you and your business partner at wits end trying to settle a deal? Are you tired of trying to negotiate a deal with another party to avoid going to court? Mediation services are just what you?re looking for.

Why Choose Mediation?

Hiring a lawyer to perform mediation services is often much cheaper and less painful than actually going to court. If you?re trying to stay on good terms with the other party, mediation is a good way to keep the relationship going strong. You probably don?t want to sever ties with a family member, a landlord, or a business partner by fighting them in a legal battle. With the help of a lawyer, you?ll come a mutual agreement.

Standard Mediation Services

Mediation is good for civil cases such as leases, small business deals, divorce, non-violent criminal matters, personal relations, and employment. More times than not, mediation saves the parties from the horrible process of fighting in court. Even the majority of personal injury cases, such as those caused by motor vehicles, are solved pretrial. Are you fed up with your neighbor?s obnoxious dog, but would hate to shine light on the matter and be on such bad terms that you two won?t even attend the same backyard barbeque? Mediation can solve that quickly and quietly — no gossipy neighbors will know what?s going on since all mediation agreements are private, unlike court documents.

Bankruptcy Mediation

If you have something a little more pressing, say bankruptcy issues for example, a mediation lawyer can come to your rescue. Don?t feel ashamed for choosing to declare bankruptcy, these lawyers have seen it all: gambling expenses, a corporate bust, you name it. In fact, medical expenses account for the majority of the 3,000 daily bankruptcy filings.

Steps of Mediation

With all the talk of mediation being so quick, what exactly is the process? Well, it?s only six simple steps.

  1. Mediator?s Opening Statement
  2. Disputant?s Opening Statements
  3. Join Discussion
  4. Private Discussion
  5. Joint Negotiation
  6. Closure

There you have it. Short, sweet, and simple. If you?re tired of negotiating on your own or want to salvage a potentially damaged relationship, look into a lawyer specializing in mediation services. Your sanity and your wallet will thank you.

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