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How DUI Attorneys Can Help You Out Of A Bad Situation

DUI attorneys DenverThe best DUI lawyers will tell you that you only get one chance in court. The DUI defense lawyer you choose could make the difference between you winning a settlement or going to jail for decades. The same is true of domestic violence– a good domestic violence attorney can make the best DUI representation look like a mere traffic lawyer in comparison. DUI attorneys have a unique advantage in that they can provide both a criminal defense as well as legal counsel and recommendations for good bars in the metro Denver area. This works especially well if you have a Denver CO defense attorney.

DUI legal representation is a complicated topic that many people are flat-out unwilling to get into. For starters, when a DUI defense lawyer goes to work for a DUI law firm, the assumption is that he will provide DUI representation to his customers. However, for many reasons, DUI attorneys may find themselves in a position where they wish to become a Denver domestic violence lawyer, if only out of a desire to help the local Denver community. In these cases, the thing for them to do is to become a domestic violence legal representative and put the drunk driving lawyer work on the back burner until they can find their niche. But what about the customer, or the accused? Can he or she find DUI representation in a world where practically everybody is jumping on the defense attorney bandwagon?

In Colorado, the legal limit is .08% blood alcohol content or higher before a potential driver would be convicted of a DUI, as well as receiving a license suspension. Many drivers who get in fatal crashes have blood alcohol content levels high above this number. However, even though there 161 fatal crashes in Denver in 2011, drivers can get five, six or more DUIs without jail time. The fine for a driver’s first DUI is between $300 to $1000– nothing to take lightly.

However, it’s technically a violation to drive even above .05%, although it is a milder classification that the average Denver DWI defense attorney would consider “driving while ability impaired.” So right away, the minor differences that could lead to fiscal servitude vs. utter freedom are very important to consider. The fines for “driving while ability impaired” range from $200 to $500– a slap on the wrist, but a painful one.

The key to finding great DUI attorneys is to thoroughly understand the nature of your accident/crime, and consult them avidly on the proper solution. With a little preparation, you can also find a domestic violence representative or a criminal defense lawyer, and any of them could make a big impact on your case.

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