Do You Need a Really Good Immigration Lawyer?

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It is difficult to explain, but in spite of the struggle you feel as if you belong here. This country, this America, feels like home, even though every day is a different kind of battle. Some you days you battle to keep your spot at work. Some days you battle to eat on the meager amount of food you can buy after sending most of your money back home to your family. Some days you just battle the lonliness of being so far away from that family. The only battle that really worries you though is the one that you know you eventually need to fight in court. That battle will be more than you can handle on your own. That battle will require a good immigration lawyer.
The best immigration lawyers can help immigrants get the legal papers they need to eventually remain in this country and live the life they dream of. An immigrant’s dreams take time, but compared to the greater struggles and dangers of returning to their home countries, the American struggle is well worth the effort. Although current immigrants may not see all of the benefits for themselves, with the help of a good immigration lawyer they dream to see the benefits for their children. For example, 36% of American-born children of immigrants are more likely to go to college. Theses children are also less likely to live in poverty, and equally likely to be homeowners as the average American.
Family based immigration is a priority of a good immigration lawyer because these attorneys can see the big picture, the benefits of helping immigrants achieve legal status. For instance, fewer than one in five immigrants live in poverty, and immigrants are no more likely to use social services than native-born Americans. Immigrant families bring many benefits to America, and many argue that some of our industries and jobs could not function without their immigrant workers. Consider the following list of reasons immigrants help build a stronger America:

  • Immigration fuels the American economy.
  • Immigration creates jobs.
  • Immigration helps America retain the best global talent.
  • Immigration makes America less globally isolated.
  • Immigration enhances america’s multilingualism.
  • Immigration opens the U.S. up to ideas from elsewhere.
  • Immigration influences how the world views America.

The best immigration attorneys will continue to have a full calendar of appointments and hearings. In a 2014 national post-election survey, 78% of voters said that the candidates’ opinions on immigration influenced their vote. This is an issue that is not going away. Two years before the voter survey, statistics in 2012 indicated that 4.7 million undocumented adults were parents of minor children, including 3.8 million whose children were already American citizens. These millions of people will always need the assistance of the most effective immigration attorneys.

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