Slip and Falls When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyers

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There are many incidents that would require someone to slip and fall in the workplace. According to one statistics, 22% of slip and fall incidents resulted in more than 31 days away from work. This is a serious issue for companies and employees as they strive to make a better service for customers either through manufacturing of products of actual service.

Missing work is a significant problem for employers as it results in lost time away from work, lost revenue, having to place a larger burden on the workers that are already there. Missing work can screw up the efficiency and dynamics of a workplace. Missing work can cause turmoil in the workplace is that person is sick for a long period of time.

Strain is pretty significant in the workplace when someone is missing work. Missing work requires individuals to step up and do more work than was originally stated in their job responsibilities for the position that they had applied for, accepted, and worked on with management.

There are many reasons a person might miss work for a company. First, they may simply be unhappy with the work environment and want to take a leave of absence to rest and reflect about whether they would like to continue working for the company or how best to handle the situation at hand.

They may also be sick, like having influenza, bronchitis, or other issues. This may cause them to miss time, as a doctor will write them a note that they need to miss a little bit of work in order to get back up and doing well again, assuming they had been doing well before. There are issues with illness, with family and bereavement, and other factors.

Then there is the workplace accident, which affects people especially who work in environments that are not strictly office related. They may be food service workers who walk over slick surfaces all day or construction workers who work around metal and sharp objects. Either way, workplace accidents happen and can result in serious injury.

Workplace accidents are hoped to be avoided when it comes to the workplace. Generally, if the job has hazards, such as working around bugs that are poisonous or have stingers, the person will receive training on how to deal with certain situations. If the job requires physical endurance, such as lifting objects, techniques will generally be taught.

Training in safety is helpful for many in the industry who have never worked in that industry before. Training in safety is helpful for the business assuming the workers will follow the procedures and guidelines surrounding the job and its responsibilities. Sometimes, however, accidents happen and in the workplace it can be costly.

According to statistics:

  • 5% to 96% of personal injury cases are settled pretrial.
  • 52% of personal injury cases relate to motor vehicle accidents.
  • Fractures occur in 5% of people involved in slip and fall accidents.

While the main reason for people filing a personal injury lawsuit is a motor vehicle accident, another possibility is a workplace accident where someone felt like they had an accident that could have been prevented by the business that they were employed by. The accident might occur in any number of scenarios.

But generally the person might not have received proper training in safety to avoid the accident. A person might have encountered something that caused a safety issue that was not covered in the training. The person may have injured themselves badly, causing them to miss a great deal of work.

That is the question: Who is responsible for personal injury? That is claim that is generally decided in the courts, though most personal injury cases will be settled pre-trial. Many people have permanent injuries as a result of workplace safety issues and may be looking for long term payment as a result of a possible disability.

There are many terms associated with this. They are called personal injury situations, a personal injury lawyer, negligent behavior, injured in an accident, injury compensation, and much more. Personal injury lawyers are the type of lawyers that handle cases where there has been an injury and someone else is at fault. This is called negligence.

They help those who have a case and sometimes work pro bono.

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