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The Holidays Regularly See A Surge In Car Accidents Tips For Driving Safely

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The new year brings all sorts of cheer. The chance to start over anew, a slew of resolutions and a thoughtful outlook as to what you can do for your fellow man.

One of the best things you can do going forward is to practice safe driving habits. While it can seem like enough to make sure your winter tires are installed and your seatbelt is buckled, the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of subtle ways you can compromise your driving and put other people in danger. Distracted driving, driver’s fatigue and drunk driving are some of the most deadly contributors to car crashes every year and something to be aware of as you progress into what 2018 has to offer.

Learn more about safe driving, common hazards and what legal representation can do for you should you end up in a crash.

American roads are seeing some changes, but they’re still full of hazards that can strike at any time. Over six million car crashes will occur across the country every year and it’s estimated three million people will be injured in that span of time. Nearly 53% of all personal injury cases are related to motor vehicle accidents, to boot. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration puts out studies on a yearly basis to assess the ups and downs seen on American roads. When you take extra care to manage your own habits you put a dent in these statistics, keep yourself from grievous harm and potentially save lives.

Driver’s fatigue is a term used to describe an individual too weary or unfocused to drive safely behind the wheel. At best this condition can slow down your reaction time and make it more difficult to turn or brake when needed. At worst you can fall asleep behind the wheel. Minor or major, driver’s fatigue contributes to severe crashes can be prevented with a little foresight. If you’re feeling drowsy it’s imperative you take a break by pulling over and catching a few minutes of sleep. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported well over 100,000 car wrecks are caused by driver’s fatigue.

Drunk driving is commonly known, but this doesn’t mean it’s improving. The holidays are some of the worst times of the year for drunk driving statistics due to partying, poor weather and extremely busy roads. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration drunk driving fatalities affected nearly 30% of all vehicle accidents back in 2016. A drunk driving charge can include the consumption of alcohol or being under the influence of medication, that of which can cause similar effects of impaired motor control, drowsiness and dizziness. If you’re going to an event and are faced with drunk friends or co-workers, calling for a cab can save a life.

Vehicle negligence is another occurrence that requires the conscientious efforts of drivers. Negligence includes failing to fix a broken light or not installing your winter tires when the snow hits. This is a broad term that can include any number of minor to major acts, so double-check with your insurance provider and become equipped with the knowledge necessary should you need legal representation after a crash. A crash is easier to navigate when you have the best lawyers on your side for your personal injury lawsuit.

Legal representation after a car crash is essential. You may be familiar with your insurance, but nobody is truly prepared for the financial and emotional ramifications of a wreck. A list of questions should involve the potential amount of your personal injury claims, your car accident rights, the time limit in which you can apply and any state laws that can change the details of your case (including potential issues such as vehicle negligence, road rage or speeding). Visiting a law firm and requesting a car crash attorney or personal injury lawyer for legal representation will go a long way in keeping your head above water.

The new year is filled with potential. See to it you add good memories and safe trips.

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