Three Easy Tricks That Can Help You Find an Attorney

Benefits of a child custody attorney

If you can’t seem to find an attorney, use these three tips and tricks to locate the legal professional you need!

Ask Around.

One of the easiest and most common ways to find an attorney is to ask around. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Perhaps they had a similar legal problem as you may now have, found the right person for the job, and had their issues resolved successfully. You can also ask another lawyer if you know one to help you find an attorney who might specialize in your type of case.

Consult a Bar Association.

The American Bar Association has sate-specific information available to anyone with a working Internet connection, including a lawyer finding service, license verification, access to free legal resources, and even a guide to the court system. Consulting with the bar association is not only an easy way to find an attorney, but find one who’s fully qualified to take your case.

Check Legal Specialty Groups.

If you need to find an attorney that specializes in a certain type of case, then you should consider checking the professional association affiliated with those types of lawyers. That being said, not every specialty group has a directory or an attorney finding service. Some of the ones that do, though, include the American College of Real Estate Lawyers, American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, National Association of Consumer Advocates, and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Whether you need help finding local divorce lawyers or local family law attorneys, these tips will help you do it. Checking with friends, a bar association, or specialty group are all fast ways to find the legal counsel you need on your side. If you still can’t seem to find an attorney and need some more help, feel free to share your questions in the comments.

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