What Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Do?

criminal defense lawyer

Lawyers specialize in different fields – there are corporate lawyers, family lawyers, immigration lawyers. Criminal lawyers, what do they do? They defend persons or organizations accused of criminal activity and ensure their legal rights are maintained. Criminal defense lawyers can work for the government or have their own private law firms. Criminal activity may include: • crimes against a person (assault, abuse, murder) • property crimes (arson, robbery) • statutory crimes (drug and alcohol-related) • financial crimes Criminal lawyer duties include but are not limited to • investigating the case • interviewing witnesses • researching the related laws and precedents • building up a defense • reaching negotiations and settlements A criminal defense trial lawyer defends the accused in court if a case goes to trial. A criminal defense lawyer’s main goal is to avoid the case going to trial. The duties and skills of the two are significantly different. Criminal defense law offices are usually spread around the country. Criminal legal advice is provided if the person accused does not have the financial means to hire their attorney. These are called public defenders.

Getting a criminal defense lawyer is one of the best decisions you will ever make when you’re charged with a criminal offense. It is advisable to get referrals from colleagues, friends, and family to contact the best local attorneys. There are several benefits of having a criminal lawyer. After all, the lawyers have extensive knowledge of the legal system.

Experience in providing legal services is essential as it raises your chances of winning the case. Do you know that getting a criminal defense lawyer will protect you from paying high penalties? A criminal defense lawyer has the right resources to handle a criminal case efficiently. It will save your time to get legal services and money getting a lawyer.


What is the average cost of a criminal defense attorney? Legal services are charged differently depending on the law firm you choose. Hourly rates for a lawyer will vary depending on the experience and age.

The type of case being handled also determines the rate you will be charged. What are some common criminal defense questions? To get to know all about criminal lawyers, ask the following questions. Will you get a criminal record or conviction? How much time will it take for your case to be concluded? Where will your case be heard?

Seeking a profession in law is ambitious and takes time and effort. Being a lawyer is no easy task, but it’s rewarding as well. One important type of lawyer is a criminal defense attorney, or criminal justice lawyer. These people defend those accused of crimes of all natures, big and small. Some criminal defense attorneys specialize in specific crimes, such as DUI (driving under the influence), also referred to as OVI in some states like Ohio (operating a vehicle under the influence).

How to Become a Criminal Defense Attorney.

If you’re interested in learning how to become a criminal defense attorney, there are several resources online with steps detailing education requirements, breadth of knowledge, job descriptions, and more. Before looking these things up, though, it is also useful to know what kind of cases specifically a criminal defense attorney might be faced with on the job.

Criminal defense attorney


DUIs or OVIs are fairly common crimes in the U.S. Depending on where you live, there are different state DUI laws. For instance, DUIs are called OVIs in Ohio, and contain an implied consent law. This law states that any refusal to take a chemical test is subject to a fine and automatic license suspension. According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety over 44,000 Ohio residents have five or more OVI convictions. So there is definitely a need for good criminal defense lawyers.

Duties of a DUI Defense Attorney.

People accused of an OVI or DUI need the best DUI attorney to represent them. A criminal defense lawyer in these cases is responsible for many things: ensuring the accused person’s rights are protected, searching for plea deals, challenging breathalyzer test results, and taking any legal action to minimize the penalties faced by the accused.

Perhaps the most important component of these duties is the protection of the accused person’s rights. After all, that’s the defense attorney’s job! Any DUI defense lawyer will know the federal law of probable cause, which states, in this case, that a police officer must have proper evidence for pulling over the accused person, such as swerving, running a red light, or witness testimony.

A defense attorney might find a plea bargain for the accused, depending on the nature of the crime. If the defendant has no prior record, had a blood alcohol content of just at or above the limit, and no accident occurred, then a plea deal can often be reached.

A DUI defense attorney must also be sure that breathalyzer, blood, and urine tests were administered properly, otherwise they cannot be used as evidence in court. Ensuring proper police procedure is yet another aspect of protecting the defendant’s rights.

If any of these duties appeal to you, you might want to learn more about how to become a criminal defense attorney. Even if you aspire to handle larger cases, you will likely have to handle many smaller ones such as these, since they are so common. Criminal defense lawyers are important and necessary people, regardless of how small the case may be.

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