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Three Places Where You Can Get Help With Your VA Benefits Claim

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Every veteran who has incurred a disability, physical or mental, from their time in service is entitled to receive benefits from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, or the VA. No matter the kind of military trauma you’re suffering from, you should be able to receive compensation — and with the recent troubles the VA has been experiencing, your best course of action is to seek legal advice for veterans.

Luckily, in many cases you won’t need to hire a pricy veterans lawyer to file a claim for VA benefits. But it is a good idea to do research and seek legal advice for veterans before you begin the claims process.

If you’re one of the many veterans seeking VA disability benefits, here are the top three places where you can seek legal advice:

1. Free helplines: The VA has a number of different helplines that veterans can call to speak to someone about what actions to take to get benefits and how to cope with their condition. Some examples of VA helplines that are offered are the Agent Orange exposure hotline and the Persian Gulf War helpline.

2. Veterans’ organizations: There are virtually countless different organizations dedicated to helping veterans just like you around the country. They offer legal advice for veterans as well as general help with adapting to everyday life. Another great thing about these organizations is that the advocate legislative changes that benefit veterans.

3. Your VA lawyer: If you feel that your situation while trying to get VA benefits is unique and requires the attention of a legal professional, it may be time to seek legal advice for veterans from a VA-certified attorney. In some cases, you can even get reduced attorney’s fees or have a lawyer work for you on a pro bono basis. No one knows the system of obtaining VA benefits better than the VA lawyers themselves!

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