Three Things You May Not Have Known About Protection Under Civil Rights Laws

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The struggles of civil rights activists didn’t end decades ago. These issues are ongoing and violations of the law still sadly occur. Fortunately, more laws are in place today than ever before that protect citizens from unfair treatment, extending to areas of life ranging from employment, housing, education, healthcare, law enforcement, and other public and private spheres.

If you suspect that your rights have been violated in any way, you have the right to seek legal advice from a qualified attorney. Here are three things you should know about civil rights laws and how you are protected under the law:

You are protected from discrimination.

Whether you’ve faced issues with trying to secure housing or you’ve been targeted on the job, you have legal protections in place if you are from any protected class. Protected class refers to any legal categories that a person may fall into and be discriminated against. These include race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, and other factors. If you have dealt with discrimination or other institutional biases, you have the right to contact a civil rights lawyer to discuss your case.

You are protected in situations with police.

The news recently has had many stories involving police misconduct, often with unarmed civilians getting shot by officers. Whether you have been physically harmed, coerced, intimidated, or otherwise treated unfairly by officers, you can seek legal advice from an attorney. This also goes for situations where you or another person has recorded an interaction with a police officer, as this is generally considered legal in most situations.

You are protected even if you are arrested.

Those who are in police custody, in jail, and even in prison all have basic legal rights in order to protect them from harm. Just as police misconduct is a civil rights offense, so is abuse faced while incarcerated. Hiring a prison abuse attorney is often the best way to get help for these issues, especially if civil rights laws have been violated in any way.

Have more questions about your civil rights? Be sure to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. You can leave general questions below.

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