So You’ve Been Deposed How to Prepare

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So you’ve been served and you have to speak to lawyers for a pending court case. Before now, you may have even wondered, “what are depositions?” Whether it’s some shady business your neighbor was engaged in or your boss’ wife looking to get info for her divorce case, once you’ve been served, you have to respond. Here is what you need to know about how to do a deposition, including legal video depositions.
They can come to you.
Don’t break the bank trying to get to wherever you deposition is supposed to take place. By working with the attorneys, you can arrange a virtual deposition. In fact, the video depositions that are captured this way are actually more likely to keep a jury’s attention than transcripts from an interview. So, if it’s very important to you that you are heard, legal video depositions might be the way to go.
Demeanor matters, sometimes.
If you are not being deposed on video, you are welcome to take as much time as you need to think through questions. After all, it may take a moment to recall the entire truth of a situation. However, if you are being featured on a video deposition, a long pause could challenge your credibility. Keep this in mind and use it to your advantage.
Don’t dwell on what comes on.
Remember that you testimony is just one piece of any case and you should not feel a burden to prove or disprove anything. In fact, studies indicate that after 12 hours, people only remember about 10% of the info they hear. As heavy as some testimony may seem, it may not all even be absorbed.

As time consuming as they may be, depositions are our important contribution to the legal process. Remember to answer only what you are asked, be clear, and tell the truth. By following these key tenants, your deposition should be minimally disruptive to your life.

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