Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Assist with Claims

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In 2013, about 88,000 motorcyclists were injured and about 4,668 died. Although the figures showed a downward trend when compared to 2012 figures, the problem is still real. About 95 percent of these cases are usually settled pretrial while the rest 5 percent usually advance to a court of law. So, if you have a personal injury case, the best first approach is to get the help of a personal injury lawyer. This helps to give you negotiation power and increases the chances for a higher compensation. He is who legal support can be useful:

1. Getting Medical Records

The lawyer only starts negotiating for a compensation after the plaintiff has fully recovered from the injuries. This is essential in order to ensure that no other health problems linked to the injury arise in the future. It’s only after the victim attains the maximum recovery that the car accident lawyer starts to find the relevant medical records. The process of getting the records takes about 30 to 60 days.

2. Notifying the Responsible Parties

For those who are filing a personal injury claim, it is usually important to notify all the responsible parties. The auto accident lawyer will help to determine the parties and write notification letters to each of them. If the victim was involved in an auto accident, the drivers, owners of the vehicles, drivers’ employers and the victim’s insurance company needs to be notified. The letter only provides basic information about the claim and requests for a written response from the concerned parties.

3. Preserving the Evidence

Keeping the claim’s evidence as discreet and safe as possible is necessary to protect the rights of the victim. It important to return to the accident scene to take photos and collect other vital evidence before it is tampered with. With a personal injury attorney, this whole process is easy. He or she helps to find witnesses who were nearby during the accident and protects the evidence to be given later to the insurance company.

4. Keeping Records on the Accident or Injury

With a professional personal injury lawyer, it is easier to maintain the notes on the plaintiff’s injury. Making written notes on all the people involved and the time and date of conversations is essential. The records also will include anything that the victim has lost as a result of the accident. It’s also necessary to contact the victim’s employer to get the working hours that were missed due to the injury. Collecting and keeping all these records helps the victim navigate the case as feasible as possible while ensuring a timely and reasonable compensation.

Today, auto insurance companies tend to rush a personal injury claim by paying the victim pretrial. While the aspect of “time” is essential, it’s important to get a personal injury lawyer who will ensure that the compensation is reasonable to the injury, damages, and losses. By working with a car accident attorney, victims can be confident that their rights and evidence will be protected to ensure a seamless process.

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