What is The Expected Personal Injury Settlement Time Frame?

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About 95 percent to 96 percent of personal injury cases are usually settled pretrial. You can concur that it’s a huge number and this indicates that insurance companies dread the daunting issues of the law. Therefore, they strive to reduce the personal injury settlement time frame to end the case quickly. But, you may want to know how long it takes for the settlement to occur. The short answer is that it depends on a particular case and the amount of support a victim has.

Making a Claim

The time frame for the settlement hugely depends on the length of a victim’s recovery time. Typically, a law firm may opt to start making negotiations for the claim after a client has fully recovered. The client must be satisfied that he or she has recovered well from the sustained injuries. Therefore, if the injuries are severe, it means that the settlement is going to take so long to occur. Waiting for the maximum medical improvement is necessary to avoid any future problems that may occur due to the injuries.

Prepping a Submittal

Personal injury cases are usually complicated and require maximum attention to include all the nitty-gritty of a case. After the client has fully recovered, the injury lawyer takes time, roughly 30 to 60 days, to secure all the records and bills from medical providers. The attorney also needs to get the period of work absence from the client’s employer. The next stage involves getting supporting documents and other vital information that supports the client’s financial damages and health condition.

When Mediation Fails

Mediation has worked for many personal injury cases as many companies prefer settling the matter out of court. But, what if mediation fails? This simply means that the expected personal injury settlement time frame is going to extend as the matter will move to a court of law. The length of the court trial will depend on many factors. Most states hold trials half a day instead of a full day and this inconveniences a client’s case. Additionally, trials can get rescheduled to suit the judges’ schedules.

Some Cases Take So Long

There are some cases that actually take long and the victims have to persistently and patiently wait. A settlement may take so long because the victim has not improved well from the injuries, the case involves a lot of money or there are factual or legal issues with the case. In this situation, the victim needs to work diligently with their personal injury attorney to get the maximum settlement. If you can’t wait, then expect to take a lower settlement.

With that in mind, it is quite evident that the personal injury settlement time frame depends on quite a lot of factors. There are so many things that come into play that are important to the claim. Whichever the case, working with a dedicated personal injury lawyer helps to simplify the whole process. Essentially, the lawyers help in gathering the right information, preparing a submittal package and building a case for the client to ensure satisfactory settlements.

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