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What All Drivers Need to Know About Trucking Accidents

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Trucking accidents involving a commercial vehicle and a passenger vehicle are sure to happen when they share the highways, especially at high speeds. Many people drive near these big trucks often without giving it much thought. But all drivers should have some basic information about trucking accidents so they know how to protect themselves and what course to take should they be in one themselves. Here are the facts:

  • Trucking Accidents Are on the Rise

    More attention has been drawn to truck accidents since last year, when actor Tracy Morgan was seriously injured when a truck crashed into his limousine (another passenger was killed). The National Transportation Safety Board has even promised to amp up its oversight, and the truck accident statistics available thus far indicate that trucking accidents are actually becoming more common, with the number of accidents and fatalities on the rise in recent years. Drivers who are fatigued and overworked are one problem, but the leading cause of accidents is actually speeding.

  • Only You Can Prevent Truck Accidents

    OK, you’re not the only one who can prevent an accident, but it’s smart to drive as if you were, especially when you’re particularly close to big tractor-trailers on the highway. The drivers of passenger cars often underestimate the challenges of steering and stopping such a massive vehicle, not giving truck drivers adequate time to slow down or unknowingly sitting in truck drivers’ blind spots. Given that a truck accident is far more likely to lead to serious injury or death for the people in the passenger car, it simply makes sense to educate yourself on how to drive safely around trucks. Yes, truck drivers are supposed to obey all the rules of the road. But you probably don’t want to bet your life or the lives of your passengers on that happening.

  • You Should Consider Truck Accident Attorneys

    If you are hurt in a trucking accident, you have a choice of hiring truck accident attorneys to represent you as you make an accident injury claim. While this may not always be necessary, there are several compelling reasons to consider it. In a regular passenger collision, you’d be dealing simply with the other driver’s insurance company to get your claim covered (a process that is sometimes simple and sometimes not, actually). But when it comes to a trucking accident, you’ll be dealing with the company who owns the truck, the company who owns the merchandise in the trailer, the driver and all their respective insurance companies. You can be sure those companies and insurance providers will have legal teams of their own, meaning you’re not likely to get a good settlement without professional representation.

Have you been involved in a trucking accident or worked with truck accident attorneys before? Share your experience in the comments.

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