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What Are The Most Common Sources Of Commercial Litigation In The United States?

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Not all issues can be solved independently. Commercial litigation in the United States sees tens of thousands of cases brought to the courts every year from people and corporations alike, from those that feel they are the victim of financial fallout or medical fraud. Seeking out legal recourse to give you the result you deserve is easier when you’re familiar with the landscape you’re about to traverse. Below is a simple list of the most common sources of commercial litigation and how you can go about finding appropriate services.

Bankruptcy Issues

When an individual or a business is unable to pay off its debts, filing for bankruptcy is often the best form of financial and legal recourse. Although businesses made up nearly 14% of bankruptcy filings a few decades ago, now they barely compromise 3% in any given year. The majority of those applying for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy are individuals, with a daily average of nearly 3,500 filed in February of 2015 alone. The most common reasons for bankruptcy filings are medical expenses, followed closely by loss of a job or business fallout. Medical debt and fees have been the source of nearly 63% of all personal bankruptcies. The vast majority of chapter 11 debtors have less than $10 million in assets or liabilities.

Civil Rights

The field of civil rights deals with the economic and social discrimination against minority groups in America. Studies have shown one in three black Americans experiencing discrimination within the past year in educational and workplace institutions. Another 50% have stated experiencing discrimination in the voting booth, causing some to seek out the assistance of skilled lawyers to bring their case to justice. Burgeoning civil rights issues that are affecting American’s modern climate include Islamophobic persecution in the workplace, the gendered wage gap and medical discrimination based on sexuality and gender identity.

Personal Injury

Many commercial litigation cases involve personal injury. The vast majority of personal injury cases are settled pretrial, at an estimated 95%, with the only ones seeing a courtroom those that involve a significant amount of people or if it’s impossible to be resolved otherwise. Although there are many factors that are involved in a personal injury trial, the most common are accidents involving cars, trucks and motorcycles. Other negligible behavior, such as medical or workplace neglect, can factor into this form of commercial litigation and require legal attention.


Small businesses have seen an unprecedented boom thanks to recent advances in technology and a shifting economic climate. As such, many seek out trademarks to protect their brand and secure their interests. It takes around 10 to 14 months to get a U.S. federally registered trademark and some seek out the aid of a lawyer to assist with local laws and the fine print. While most patents extend to 20 years, some seek to lengthen this period on their intellectual property through a patent term adjustment application.

Contacting A Lawyer

People who have been the victim of discrimination, fraud or financial fallout turn to the advice of a lawyer to assist with commercial litigation. Each lawyer works in a specialized field, though some deal with multiple issues depending on their experience and association. Contacting a law firm will generally yield a free consultation and direction toward those most familiar with the issue in question. Commercial litigation is a difficult service, but it’s necessary for the ever-changing social and political landscape of the United States.

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