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What is Lemon Law? What Happens When You Win?

What is Lemon law?

Lemon law is a term used to represent various laws that provide a remedy when a manufacturer cannot repair consumer goods after several attempts(check out the video below). If the manufacturer cannot fix the defect, it must give the consumer a replacement or refund.

Lemon laws cover cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other vehicles. There may be state lemon laws as well as federal lemon laws. It’s important to understand that each state has its own set of specific rules and regulations.

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The majority of states will look at whether or not the vehicle has had an extensive number of repairs during the first year of ownership. If that’s the issue, you might have to contact lemon attorneys.

What Happens When You Win?

Suppose a person wins their lemon law case against the automaker. In that case, they will receive either a brand new replacement vehicle of identical make and model or a full refund for their car plus any costs incurred due to the faulty vehicle (repairs, maintenance, etc.). Manufacturers may offer cash instead of another new car or a refund in some instances. For more details, contact home!


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