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What You Didnt Know About Personal Injury Law

When you file a personal injury claim, it will go through several stages. A personal injury lawyer explains the litigation process in a YouTube video titled “How a Personal Injury Lawsuit Works: Step 1.”

The first stage is pre-litigation, which is also known as the investigation process. This stage requires extensive investigation on the part of the personal injury law firm in order to obtain all pertinent information about the accident and the client’s condition. Additionally, they interview the client to ascertain the impact of the accident, whether they have medical records, whether they have lost wages, and their health status, as well as complete a questionnaire that they can refer to.

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The law firm also sent a letter of representation to all parties. In the event of a car accident, the firm will contact the insurance companies, as they are responsible for compensation. Obtaining all medical records, tests, costs, and diagnostics necessary to compile the injuries required to file a lawsuit.

Depending on the facts of your case, the investigation process allows the law firm to file a lawsuit or reach an out-of-court settlement.


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