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Why Get Married When You Can Just Have More Friends?

Divorce attorney portland

When in need of spousal support in Portland divorce lawyers are trained professionals that can assist in the proceedings. According to a study done by Bowling Green State University, divorce rates among couples over fifty have doubled in the last twenty years. It might be possible that for spousal support Portland residents should also call a professional especially after learning about this statistic.

When looking for spousal support portland residents might want to know that people who get married at an older age after they have begun earning more money and get a higher education are more likely to last longer than couples that do not.

The most unfortunate part of a divorce is who else it will effect. If there are children involved getting divorced becomes much more difficult and with reference to spousal support Portland residents are long past the point of help. A marriage is five percent more likely to end when there is a daughter in a marriage but no son, according to United States Statistics. When looking for a family law attorney Portland residents are going to need professional help because of how important this particular matter is.

When in need of a divorce attorney portland residents should think before getting married again. Especially because the divorce rate for a persons second marriage is already sixty percent. When in need of spousal support Portland professionals might tell you this statistic.

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