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How Injury Attorneys Can Help You After a Car Accident

Every year, thousands of people are killed in car accidents, and many more are injured severely. Importantly, car accidents lawyers can help to get settlements for people injured in even the most crazy car accidents. Lawyers for auto accidents can help people get settlements that can compensate for medical bills, loss of wages, and even pain and suffering. Injuries from car accidents can really change a life. For instance, people can sustain spinal injuries, paralysis, and even brain damage from auto accidents, and as such, auto injury attorneys can step in and get those people the justice they deserve. However, auto injury attorneys generally only provide benefits for those people

How Can a Father Win Custody of His Children?

In Missouri, a father’s rights are protected by statutes, which state that gender cannot be a factor in the awarding of child custody. Though these laws are gender neutral, family divorce lawyers know that a ruling might not play out as gender blind as it should be. That’s why the violation of a father’s rights in St. Louis isn’t a result of the law, but rather the people associated with the case. It comes down to the judge, the opposing family law attorneys, and family members advocating for “traditional” outcomes, which usually strip a father’s rights. This is why it’s so important to have a good divorce lawyer on your side. They know how to deal with all of the factors that are usually set between you and the custody of y

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