3 Tips On Finding A Good DUI Lawyer

Getting a DUI can completely alter your life. The social ramifications are severe, causing loss of friends, family, and job prospects. While the best thing to do is not drive drunk to begin with, sometimes the damage is already done. In this case, you need to find a good dui attorney.

DUI representation can help you either beat the charges or get a lesser sentence, which can go a long way to helping mitigate the problems caused by a dui. A DUI specialist has experience in DUI cases that other lawyers may not, so it is important to find a lawyer who will do a DUI consultation. They will understand the process and work with you professionally and without bias.

Since DUI cases are so charged, you’ll want to find a DUI criminal attorney to help you instead of a more generalized criminal defense lawyer. While the damage done by a DUI cannot be undone, you can still move forward with your life. So be sure to find a good DUI attorney to help you get started.

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It was only a couple of beers. You don’t keep track of the new DUI laws but the last time you checked, having a few at a barbecue didn’t require a criminal defense attorney.
Except that actually, it does, especially if you’re caught drinking and driving and are under 21. (We’re sure the officer that pulled you over informed you of this as he ushered you into the police car). In that case, the acceptable blood alcohol level, or BAC, is even less than .08 according to some state DUI laws. Anyway at this point, it’s clear that you’ve made a mistake. What’s important now is finding a good lawyer. Here are a few tips to start the search:
1. Understand Your Charges
Finding a good lawyer is all about fit. If you know exactly what you’re being charged with, you have a better chance of finding the right DUI attorney in your area. This is more difficult than you might think. For example, are you just being charged with drinking while driving or also reckless driving? Did you resist arrest? Were you driving with a good license? These are things you’re going to want to find out.
2. Find Out What Evidence Has Been Found Against You
The difference between finding a lawyer and finding a good lawyer can often be seen in how that lawyer deals with the evidence. There is a lot a lawyer can do for you, include re-watch any security footage that might have caught your arrest on camera, investigate whether or not the officer had probable cause for pulling you over, and challenge the validity or administration of any breathalyzer tests. The more information you can provide your lawyer with at the start, the faster they can get on the case!
3.Research The Law Firm’s Credentials
How many cases do they win? Will you have to pay before or after your case is closed? What exactly are they charging for their services? Not all law firms are created equal, so before you commit to any representation it is important that they come highly recommended and have a legitimate reputation among professionals. Do some comparing if you have the time, and check consumer websites such as Avvo.com to get the truthful scoop on your law people before they take your criminal record into their hands.

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