DUI Laws Can Be Very Strict

Some people believe that DUI charges don’t matter, but the truth is that many states have serious consequences for careless drivers. You might have to hire drunk driving attorneys and face some hefty fines if you’re not careful with your substance consumption.

Most people also don’t know the difference between general impairment vs DUI, which can change everything regarding your case. That’s why you’ll need a good attorney to explain what could happen. Even if you’re only charged with a DUI impairment to the slightest degree, you’ll still face some trouble because being under any influence can be damaging to others on the road. Many accidents are caused by drunk people and recklessness can be fatal. Some folks don’t learn until they face severe punishment for their actions.

The court might require you to be on probation or spend jail time. If you’re lucky, you might get out with just court-mandated DUI meetings. A DUI support group is sometimes the only way a few people have been able to stop drinking and driving. However, those are best-case scenarios because it’ll all depend on the DUI laws in your state.

Let’s learn more about strict DUI laws and what they could mean for drunk drivers.

Dui laws by state

Being arrested for drunk or impaired driving under DUI laws in your area can be very serious. It is best to consider finding the best DUI attorney you can to represent you. When facing charges under DUI laws in your state, a DUI lawyer or criminal justice lawyer can protect your rights, as well as possibly limiting the consequences you are facing.
Consequences from a DUI charge may include fines and jail time. For instance, a conviction of DUI in Ohio can result in spending from three days to six months in jail. Attorneys specializing in DUI can often reduce these sentences. Even if it is a first offense, it can have an effect on your drivers license status.
If you are charged under DUI laws in your area, you also face the possibility of license revocation. This revocation can last between six months to three years. You will then face and administrative license suspension hearing. Lawyers can help you through these hearings, and may help prevent you losing your license.
Many people will simply plead guilty if it is their first time being charged under DUI laws in their state. However, attorneys can provide other alternatives. For instance, the questions surrounding your arrest can come into play. The police need probably cause to pull you over. Whether you ran a red light, were swerving, or witnesses confirm that you were too impaired to drive, an officer cannot pull you over unless there is sufficient evidence to prove you were driving suspiciously. Also, Breathalyzer tests that can be conducted under DUI laws in your are, as well as urine or blood tests must be administered properly; otherwise, they may not be admissible in court.
You also need to understand all the consequences of pleading guilty, and an attorney can outline these. If you have had a prior DUI conviction, you will definitely need the help of an attorney. Penalties for multiple offenses can be harsher than those for a first offense. Your attorney can go over the options in these cases.
While it is true that an arrest under DUI laws in your area is serious, it is very important that you find a DUI attorney to discuss your options and rights.
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