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Lead Exposure Awareness Increases With Lead Paint Certification Course

Lead renovator training

Due to recent headlines about lead exposure and lead poisoning, more Americans are beginning to understand the importance of lead paint certification and its effects. Many homeowners considering renovations or remodeling are now consulting with EPA lead certified contractors to ensure their homes are safe. Considering that 90% of pre-1940 buildings and 62% of pre-1978 buildings consisting of high levels of lead paint, awareness is finally spreading.

In Georgia, the Historic Macon Foundation is offering a lead paint certification training course. The purpose of the course is to educate construction workers on how to properly remove and dispose of lead paint.

Lead paint is especially harmful to the elderly and small children. This is because their immune systems are not prepare to fight the components lead contains. In children age six or younger, lead paint can have a significant effect on their brain and nervous systems. For this reason, lead-based paint abatement is crucial to their development.

In fact, one out of every six children already have toxic levels of lead in their bodies. This is due to the fact that more than three-quarters of American homes consist of lead paint.

Many people think that once they move in and paint the walls of these older homes, they will reduce their chances of lead exposure. The truth is, doing so does nothing to reduce exposure to lead. Instead, homeowners should seek the advice of a lead abatement worker or someone with EPA lead safe certification before moving in.

Knowing that several of the historic homes within Macon contain lead paint, the Historic Macon Foundation decided to offer the training course to help change this. The lead paint certification training will begin on Friday, July 15 and will cost $275.

Other cities and towns do offer courses for lead abatement training, but not all are EPA lead certified. It is important to find training courses with this certification as it is the standard for quality training. It is also required in order to work for most reputable companies.

While the recent news of lead contamination in things like water in the Flint, MI area making national headlines, awareness of lead paint has greatly increased. Parents and property owners alike have increased efforts to reduce lead exposure to young children and aging adults. More than ever, lead paint certification is needed to prevent the 600,000 new cases of developmental issues in children due to lead exposure. Educate yourself on the dangers of lead paint and learn what can be done to reduce your chances of exposure.

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