Community Legal Services Bankruptcy attorney in columbus,Bankruptcy lawyer in columbus Looking for a bankruptcy attorney? Look no further than Columbus

Looking for a bankruptcy attorney? Look no further than Columbus

When you have hit serious financial problems and are thinking about declaring bankruptcy, you need a bankruptcy lawyer to help you with the filing and what comes after. There are many types of debt that can be wiped out by bankruptcy, and there are types that can’t be. If you want to declare bankruptcy for taxes owed, this won’t work legally. After your bankruptcy, IRS taxes will still be there for you to pay. If you want the bankruptcy law definition, it will depend largely on your state and its bankruptcy laws.

Can your bankruptcy include student loans? No, student loans are generally not dischargeable through bankruptcy. You also can’t discharge credit card debt by filing for bankruptcy. One of the most common reasons for filing is to get rid of medical debt. This is often dischargeable but talk to your bankruptcy attorney to make sure that it’s the case for your debt. Once you have filed for bankruptcy, you can expect that filing to stay on your credit report for seven years after it is finalized. That makes it necessary to think twice about whether you really want to file and what the long-term effects may be.

Bankruptcy attorney in columbus

Bankruptcy is something that no one ever wants to have to go through. Unfortunately, the decline of the stock market, high unemployment rate, and the bursting of the housing bubble, have left many people without any other option. People have had to file bankruptcy in order to crawl out from under the massive amounts of debt they accumulated. A person typically cannot handle the issue of bankruptcy on their own. Fortunately, there is a bankruptcy attorney in columbus who can help.
This bankruptcy attorney in columbus is well versed in bankruptcy chapters, 7, 11 and 13. The attorney also has experience in other areas of law. The bankruptcy lawyer in columbus has tried cases dealing with creditor’s rights, litigation, business, and corporate law. For those individuals who do not live in columbus, do not get discouraged. The bankruptcy attorney in columbus is more than willing to see clients throughout the state; not just ones who live in columbus.
Furthermore, many people think that attorneys only work monday through friday. The bankruptcy attorney in columbus offers evening and weekend appointments for clients who are unable to see him during the week, due to their work schedules. If fees are also an issue for clients, they should be aware that this bankruptcy attorney in colombus provides free consultations and will work out a payment plan. This is all to make the bankruptcy recovery process eaiser for the client.
Do not be afraid to seek out legal counsel if you are thinking about or already have filed bankruptcy. There is someone out there who will help you and will not judge you or your situation. This bankruptcy attorney in columbus understands that we are all human and everyone has difficult times in their lives. He is here to help you overcome this one.

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