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What is a Medical Expert Witness?

The USLawEssentials points out that there are two main witnesses in a court of law; the fact witness, also called the eye witness, and the expert witness. The main difference between the two categories of witnesses is that the fact witness testifies to their experiences or the things they heard or saw. On the other hand, an expert witness relies on special knowledge or expertise to give an opinion.

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Therefore, a medical expert witness is a witness who is knowledgeable, skilled, trained, or educated in the medical field. They can be doctors, surgeons, nurses, or licensed medical practitioners. They arrive at their opinion based on sufficient data, often subjected to an examination. Also, a medical expert witness utilizes reliable methods and principles to arrive at a given view.
To be considered a medical expert witness, one must show proof of knowledge, experience, or education. A medical expert witness is often called upon as a witness in medical malpractices or personal injury court claims. An attorney regularly uses a medical expert witness during a case’s discovery and trial phases.

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