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Why You May Need a Bail Bond

Being accused of a crime creates a very stressful situation. You are likely working with your lawyer to prove that you are innocent. Meanwhile, the the plaintiff is working to have you convicted. On top of all this, you could be sitting in prison if you can’t afford bail. Yet, there is a way to avoid prison even without being able to pay for bail yourself.

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You can actually have someone else pay your bail for you. This person is known as a bail bond agent. In this video, you will learn why bail bonds are useful.

Not only do bail bonds agents pay for your bail, they also forfeit bail if you escape. This is why many of them hire bounty hunters to hunt down escaped suspects. Don’t let this happen to you, stay in contact in with your bail bond agent and don’t be late to court. You may have to give up some of the bail if you are late.

If a cash bail bond doesn’t work for you, and you don’t want to hire a bail bond agent, there is another option. Consider a property bond instead. It is like a cash bail bond, however the collateral is your house instead of cash.


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