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Getting A Better Understanding Of Rape Attorneys

Many reports filed by rape victims don’t result in convictions, causing perpetrators of the heinous acts to escape justice. Rape attorneys can help victims hold perpetrators accountable through civil litigation when this happens, as explained in this YouTube video —

A rape attorney can be the final recourse of justice for rape and other sexual assault victims.

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They help their clients file civil suits, where they can seek monetary compensation against perpetrators for the heinous crimes they committed. Rape victim attorneys can also help clients sue employers, property owners, and other persons or organizations whose negligence resulted in the rape crime.

Aside from monetary compensation, a rape attorney can help their client file a civil protection order against their attacker. These orders are essential where the perpetrator is familiar; for example, a relative, teacher, coach, employer, religious leader, therapist, etc. They offer a sense of security to the victim and can help protect them from repeat attacks.

A rape attorney is not limited to just rape crimes only; they can also assist victims of other types of sexual assault. Examples include date or acquaintance rape, unwanted touching, coerced sexual contact, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, marital rape, sexual contact with minors, and any other sexual contact where no consent has been given.

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