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How Does the Bail Bond Industry Make Money?

The YouTube video, “Who Makes Money from Bail,” explains how bail services make profits from bail money. Bail bond services earn money by lending money to those who require bail. The suspect’s family or a friend pays the bail bond agent about 10% of the bail to make the loan.

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If the defendant appears in court on all of the court’s scheduled dates, the bondsman will pay the whole amount as a surety bond to the court. However, after the case is finished, the surety bond and the 10% of the bail awarded to him at the commencement will be dissolved.

The bail bondsman is paid on a commission basis, which means he receives a portion of the bond amount when the suspect appears in court without fail. Bondsmen also need collateral in addition to the 10% fee they charge. A piece of land, a house, stocks, policy, a vehicle, or even jewelry can be used as collateral.

Lawyers will occasionally try to persuade judges to reduce bail amounts so that the accused and his family are not forced to pay a huge sum of money that they will never see again.


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