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A Brief Guide to the Bail Bond System

What is bail? How does the bail bond system work? This video is the basic 101 of how the bail bond system in the US works. Each state has its own rules when it comes to bonding someone out of jail. The judge typically makes the decision about how much the cost will be to get out of jail.

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This video takes you through all the scenarios that can occur when it comes to how this process works. For example, what happens if you fail to appear on your court date? The presenter explains the possible outcomes when you have used a bail-bonds agency and do not appear as promised on your court date. For example, if you do not appear in court, a bounty hunter may come to look for you. Your bond will be violated and you will be returned to jail. You can learn about what some of the things you have to agree to do while out on bond, like not leaving the area.
The video also goes over what a cash bond is and how that process works. Watch now.

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