Hurt at Work? Maybe You Need a Workers Comp Lawyer


Workers compensation laws at the state and federal level have covered about 125.8 million employees since 2011. Under this program people who are injured at work have all of the medical costs covered and receive a cash benefit that covers wages lost. There is a waiting period for that benefit, it is between three to seven days. More then $60 billion was paid out under this program in 2011. This represents a 3.4% increase from 2010. Workers comp lawyers help workers who were hurt at work, if that is you, the following information may help.

  • You may need help with the initial claim. There are a lot of things people filing for workers compensation need to do. Fill out paperwork, get medical care, and more. This kind of lawyer can help with all of it.
  • They can help the family of a worker who passed away. The family of a worker who died at work may be entitles to that person’s workers compensation. A workers comp lawyer can let the family know what their rights are and help them negotiate the process and get what they deserve.
  • They will show you what benefits you should receive. Each state has its own rules and regulations that govern what benefits are available for hurt workers. Some states make it harder than others to receive benefits under this program. Some have a series of hoops that injured workers have to jump through to get the help they need and deserve. Workers comp lawyers can help get you through this process.
  • You may need to prove that you were injured at work. A lot of times when people are injured at work, it is easy to prove because people see it. It is possible to receive these benefits even if you are not on the job site, if you were doing work related things. In those instances you may have to prove that you were working when you were hurt. You be helped by a workers comp lawyer who can work with you to prove you deserve the benefits.
  • If your claim is denied, a lawyer can appeal. You only have a set period of time to file that appeal. If you wait until after that time, you lose your right to those benefits so you should get a workers comp lawyer to help you file it. Legitimate reasons to deny a claim are injuries that were self inflicted, due to intoxication or due to the worker’s own negligence.
  • Your paperwork needs to be to the workers comp office within a certain amount of time. You can be heled with this by a workers comp lawyer. This will protect your right to the benefits. You have to inform your employer within a set amount of time as well. Workers comp lawyers can walk you through all of the deadlines.
  • If you have to appeal an administrative agency, the workers compensation, you may need help from a workers comp lawyer. Every state has its own rules that deal with workers comp denials but in most cases people have to go before an administrative judge, panel or board. This is much easier with the help of a workers comp lawyer.
  • If you need to have a hearing, you may want to call witnesses. This really only happens when you have been denied and you are appealing it. Workers comp lawyers can help call your coworkers or others who can back you up. They can work with you on your witness list. They can also help draft your questions.
  • There may come a time when you will want to settle. Those negotiations are challenging and having a lawyer on your side can make a difference. Only you can tell if any settlement will be enough for you but you can always fight for more if it is needed. The lawyer can help you with that decision.

If you need to go to court, you are going to want to have a workers compensation lawyer by your side. You tend only need to go to court if your appeal was denied. It is an uphill battle. Most appellate courts tend to take the same position of the administrative board but sometimes circumstances warrant going.


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