Need a Good Criminal Defense Attorney? Here are 8 Tips to Help

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If someone has recently accused you of committing a crime, it’s natural for you to believe that you need the best criminal attorneys to help you. However, that’s not always necessary in all cases. You must ask yourself a few good questions first. Those questions are:

Is there Jail Time Involved?

You might need some good criminal attorneys if the crime of which you are being accused has jail time involved. You will need to at least consult with an attorney if this is the case.

What Is the Highest Fine?

Your assumption that “I need a defense attorney” might be right if the crime you’re being accused of has a high fine attached to it. You won’t want to risk handling the case yourself if the outcome might cost you thousands of dollars. You’ll need to get into contact with lawyers that represent people who have been accused of the same crime you have on your plate.

What Are Attorney’s Expenses?

The next thing you’ll need to ask is, ” How much is a criminal defense attorney?” You may not need one if the prices are way beyond what you will have to pay if you receive a conviction for the crime of which you have been accused.

The number of people in jail in the United States has skyrocketed in recent decades. From 1980 through 2008, it jumped from 500,000 to 2.3 million. In 2012, there were more than 12 million arrests made by law enforcement around the country. Prison is not good for anyone who is sent there. While they claim to be interested in rehabilitation is not high on their priority list. At least two-thirds of all offenders will reoffend. If you have been arrested, you need to hire your own experienced criminal defense attorney to help with your case. Most public defenders are overworked but they cannot turn down a case because they do not have enough time to handle your case properly. But where can you find the right criminal defense attorney for you?

Tips for Finding a Criminal Defense Law Firm for You:

  1. Talk to the people in your life that you trust. Given the huge number of arrests every year, you probably know at least one person who has been arrested. That means you know someone with some experience with the criminal justice system and that probably includes knowing some criminal defense attorneys. Getting recommendations from people you know and trust can get you started on finding a good criminal defense attorney. You may not go with the same criminal defense attorney but it is a start.
  2. Call or look at the website for legal associations such as the state bar association. They can get you a list of criminal defense attorneys in your area. They can also help you with recommendations and suggestions.
  3. Find a lawyer who is truly passionate about what they do. You do not want a criminal defense attorney who is not just punching a time clock and sees the law as being similar to selling insurance or working at a fast food restaurant. You want them to really care about it. You need them to fight for you and mean it.
  4. Find a criminal defense attorney who has experience with your kind of case. Your sister’s divorce attorney is not going be able to help you with your criminal defense case. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer with courtroom experience. The vast majority of cases are settled out of court but you want someone in case you actually have to go to court. Ask them how much experience they have with the kind of case that you
  5. Listen to your gut. What kind of feeling do get from the criminal defense attorney? Can you trust them? Do you think they will really go to bat for you? You want someone you can talk to and you trust to go to bat for you. You also need to at least feel comfortable talking to about your case.
  6. Ask them who will be working on your case specifically. There will not just person working on your case. There will be paralegals, legal assistants, etc. When you have questions and call the, who will you talk to? Will you get to talk to the main lawyer on your case. You should not expect to be able to talk to them every day but, if you have questions or concerns, they should be available at least some of the time.
  7. Look for references. Ask the firm if they have former and current clients that you can talk to about their experience working with the criminal defense lawyer that would be working on your case. Reputable law firms often have client testimonials but they can be faked so if you can talk to any of the clients, that is the best thing you can do.
  8. Get information on their fee schedule. Different criminal defense law firms have different kinds of fee policies. Some will want a lump sum up front, while others will let you pay the fee over time. Make sure you ask if there are any other fees that will be associated with your case. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney but you also need one that you can afford. Get several quotes.

Being arrested is scary. Getting the right criminal defense attorney can make it a lot better.

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