4 Steps to Take After Being Injured at Work

It’s incredibly important to always be safe while working. Unfortunately, statistics show that workplace fatalities have been on the rise. In 2016, there was a 7% increase the number of workers killed on the job when compared to data from 2015. However, there are many instances where worker’s injuries were not their fault. During these times, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed. Considering that, here’s what to do after being injured while on the job.

Let Your Employer Know About Your Injury

One of the first steps is also the most important which is reporting your injury to an employer. This might seem stressful but it’s an essential step in this process. If not, your employer and insurance companies might find ways to fight against your claim.

Seek Medical Treatment for All Injuries

Depending on your injury, you might be dealing with multiple medical problems. Therefore, this could mean visiting multiple medical professionals. During each of these visits, make sure who you’re seeing knows these injuries are work related.

While it might seem tempting to avoid a few appointments, this isn’t advised. Many personal injury lawyers recommend attending every medical appointment. This helps to show the details of your injury, all verified and documented by medical professionals. These documents go a long way in helping to strengthen your claim.

Note Costs of Your Expenses and Lost Wages

Hopefully, your employer will be able to help pay for your expenses and time away from work. Just in case, it’s wise to personally document all of your expenses and lost wages. A personal injury is sometimes costlier than you might think. Statistics show that 22% of slip and fall accidents resulted in over a month away from work.

Contact a Workplace Injury Lawyer

Personal injury laws can be complicated, especially for someone who doesn’t practice law. Considering that, it’s extremely wise to contact a workplace injury lawyer after being hurt on the job. While you never want to think about it, your employer and their insurance company might not have your best interests in mind. During these times, you need a workplace injury lawyer on your side.

Workplace injury lawyers don’t just help you understand the laws. In addition, these lawyers are a great source of help for filing and properly submitting personal injury paperwork. They’ll also negotiate with insurance representatives on your behalf. This is something that’s much harder to do on your own. Should your claim go to the courtroom, you’ll also already have professional legal representation.

To summarize, it’s important to understand what needs to happen after suffering a personal injury. One study found that 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses took place, as reported by private industry employers during 2016. Workplace injuries often cause mental and physical injuries. In addition, these injuries mean potentially losing out on your wages. Hiring a lawyer can help you feel much more at ease while dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury.

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