Injured in a Car Accident? Ask Your Car Accident Attorney These 5 Questions

Each year, thousands of people are injured in car accidents. For many people, finding a way to cover the cost of medical treatments for their injuries can be tough, forcing them to take the other driver to court for damages. In fact, approximately 52 percent of all personal injury lawsuits are a result of car accidents. While you can represent yourself in court, hiring an experienced car accident attorney can make all the difference in the success of your lawsuit. Before you agree to work with a law firm, make sure to ask your attorney these questions.

1. Have You Worked with Clients with Injuries Similar to Mine?

Though whiplash is one of the most common injuries clients experience after a car accident, others may suffer more severe injuries. The more severe your injuries are, the higher your medical bills will be. By selecting a car accident attorney that’s familiar with your types of injuries, the better prepared they’ll be to represent you in court.

2. How Long Do I Have to File My Case?

Unfortunately, there’s a statute of limitations that keeps people from filing lawsuits after a certain date. In most instances, you have approximately two years to file your personal injury lawsuit. If the accident happened more than two years ago, you may not be able to take the other driver to court. Keep in mind that each situation is different and your car accident attorney will let you know how long you have to file a lawsuit.

3. How Will You Keep Me Updated About My Case?

Much of the filing process can be done without you being physically present, but that does mean your car accident lawyer will need to keep you updated on the progress of the case. Ask what methods they typically use to stay in touch with their clients. If you have a preferred method of contact, let them know.

4. Who Will Be Handling My Case?

After your initial consultation with the car accident attorney, it’s possible that your case will be given to an associate at the firm. Though the attorney will still be able to supervise your case, it’s best to know who will be handling the bulk of the work. Make sure you’re comfortable with how your case will be handled before agreeing to work with the law firm.

5. How Will You Charge for My Lawsuit?

With personal injury lawsuits, most attorneys only charge you for the case if you win. This is known as a contingency fee. The contingency fee is based on the total amount you’re awarded in court. Before you give the attorney your case, make sure you understand how you’ll be charged, what percentage they set as the contingency fee, and if there will be any outside charges you might expect.

Finding a car accident attorney you can trust to handle your personal injury lawsuit can feel like a challenge. Before you agree to work with them, ask them these questions and make sure you’re satisfied with the answers.

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